Fabrica da Igreja de Chandor

FABRICA DA IGREJA DE CHANDOR,( main body of the parish church) and six Cofres: A Fabrica / cofre is a public juridical person, canonically erected to administer the temporal goods of the church/chapel and to assist the priest duly appointed and in charge of the church/chapel, in the promotion of divine worship, works of apostolate and charity and to look after the maintenance of the church/chapel clergy and other personnel according to the Diocesan norms/policies.

Confraria do Ssmo. Sacramento da Igreja de Chandor

CONFRARIA DO SSMO. SACRAMENTO DA IGREJA DE CHANDOR : It is an association of the lay Faithful, canonically erected whose main aim is the Christian formation of their members, in order to build up the ecclesial communion, through the worthy celebration of Divine worship , and through the rendering of genuine service, in the true spirit of the Gospel. Its main objective is to attend to the Christian formation of the members, pursue the interests of the association with zeal, and be at the service of the parish Community.

Parish Pastoral Council

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL of the Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem, Chandor: It is the main pastoral body of the parish, representing all sections of the people of god in the parish, and meant to function as the principal form of collaboration, dialogue and discernment at the parish level, under the guidance of the Parish Priest. It is consultative by its nature and its purpose it to promote communion in the parish.