St. Francis Xavier
Chandor Monte Chapel
St Tiago chapel
St Anthony Chapel

Church of Nossa Senhora de Belem, Chandor.

The communidades of Chandor, Cavorim and Guirdolim, the components of the parish, jointly built the Nossa Senhora de Belem Church In 1645. The frontispiece however, collapsed on 14 August, 1949. It was re-constructed the following year and blessed on 17 December, 1950. Christianity in Chandor existed much before the construction of the Church. Chandor was an extension of the parish of Curtorim.


Fr. Simao Rodrigues
Fr. Simao RodriguesParish Priest
Hailing from Sucorro, Bardez, Ordained on 8th May 1990
Fr. Clifford Cardozo
Fr. Clifford CardozoAsst. Parish Priest
Hailing from Ambelim, Ordained on 24th October 2008
Fr. Geraldo Da Costa
Fr. Geraldo Da CostaPriest on Staff
Hailing from Curtorim, Ordained on 10th May 1964
Fr. James Silva
Fr. James SilvaChaplain
Hailing from Raia, Ordained on 4th May 1988